What is a Crime Analyst do in a police department?

A crime analyst……………….. to assist the agency in directing its attention and resources into the most efficient manner possible. There are 3 separate types of Analysis that are generally found and used 1. Crime analysis, 2. Intelligence analysis, 3. Administrative analysis. Crime analysis is used to determine who and what areas of the community are generating the greatest numbers of calls for service and most importantly why this is occurring. Intelligence analysis is the colating and disseminating to appropriate forums the wide array of intelligence available to police agencies. Administrative intelligence is the determination of how best to use the resources available to police administrators.


What does a problem oriented policing unit do?

The POP unit each month takes the list of the top 5 people and locations generating calls for service in the community and begin looking at “why” they are generating so many calls for service. Once the “why” is determined, the POP unit develops a plan to deal with the root cause for the problems that are generating so many calls for service. This involves going beyond the typical traditional police response and emphasizes helping citizens and families whenever possible while dealing with quality of life issues.


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